Motivation Minute

Motivation Minute: Getting Fresh Air Every Day

So, let me start by telling you something about myself that you may not know. I HATE BEING COLD !!!

When I say that I hate being cold, that is an understatement. I am the one that spends evenings at home with three layers of clothing sitting in my chair with a foot heater in front of me.

With all of that said, I did make a promise to myself before the winter started that no matter how cold it got, that I would force myself to walk up the road with the pup EVERY SINGLE day …. even if our walk consisted of taking 25 steps past the driveway and then turning around. Luckily, since he is a dog, he doesn’t chastise me for my wimpy ways on these brief walks. Many times if I’m lucky my two teenage boys will also join me for the walk and in that case, I do have to put my big girl pants on and at least make it up 5-6 driveways on the street.

The whole point of this “ experiment” was to see how it affected my mood by getting fresh air every day. If you are a Berkshire resident and reading this post ( or even a Northeasterner) then you know that our winters can be VERY long. Just when we think we see a sprout of green grass or a crocus popping up, we may find the next morning that it is covered in about a foot of snow.

I cannot tell you the difference it has made to get this “ Fresh Air Fix” every day. Surprisingly in addition to it making me feel good it had the following other bonuses :

  • Became a great way to clear my head after work

  • Gave me an opportunity to have some of the best chats with my boys with no distractions

  • A chance to see and meet my neighbors

  • Time to be out in nature and see some amazing sunsets, rainbows, and storms blowing in.

So, have I sold you on the idea yet????? I hope so because it took me a long time ( if you know my age then you know how long) to figure this out.

Hoping you enjoyed this post and that it adds a little bit of happiness to your life