Motivation Minute: Just Do It

Some days, you have to just get yourself to take the first step….. literally.

Today was a day like that for me.

Yesterday I ate like a garbage disposal, had some wine, and certainly did not hydrate before going to bed.

That all added up to feeling pretty darn awful during my morning run. However, I told myself that if I could just take the first step, that I would likely feel better as I ran.

Well…. not so much. To be totally honest with you, I felt 100% horrible the entire run. Eating just 5 minutes before my run also did not help very much. I have to make a mental note of that one. lol

So, I guess my point of this post is this. Some days, your workouts are just not going to go well. Sometimes you will do your entire workout and just feel crumby. Some days, you will be looking at the clock every stinking minute waiting for “ just enough” time to have passed. Sometimes done is better than perfect. ( I am finally just now catching onto this at age 46 and it was a game changer for me) You will see that clearly when you catch typos and spelling errors on future posts. lol

However , with all of that said, if you just get up and move your body even for 10 minutes you can say you did it! Even better, keep a log of your workouts on your wall calendar ( hoping some of you still keep one even with all of this technology) Then, when the month comes to an end, you can look at it and see how you did . If you didn’t do so well , can you figure out why and what you can do to plan for those obstacles next month?

The best part of keeping a log on a monthly wall calendar you ask????

You get to turn the page on to the next month and START FRESH!!!! You only need to look in the past if you choose to :)

Hoping this post was helpful to some of you . Have a wonderful week and let me know if there are topics you would like to see covered in the future on real estate or real life!