Seller Tip: Interviewing Your Realtor

I want to open this post by saying that hiring a realtor to sell your home should be like any other interview for a job. This is such an important job and you want to make sure that the realtor that you choose is not only the best choice for selling your home but is also the best choice for you and you will be working so closely together during the process.

I personally work mostly by personally referral ( i.e. family, friends, and past clients refer business to me that have already worked with me ) Based on this, I would recommend asking your most trusted friends and co-workers for a name of a realtor that they would recommend. If you’re not sure where to start on this and don’t live in Berkshire County, you can still reach out to me as we have a huge network of realtors that we refer business to and can find the best fit for you.

Once you have chosen a realtor or several to meet with, there are some questions that I would recommend asking them and things to look for on their first visit:

  1. Are they full time? Make sure that they are truly dedicated to the business and have the time to focus on your sale. ( a side note, 16 years ago I had to start in the business part time to build it up so not to say that there aren’t wonderful “ rising stars” that are part time. Just be sure to ask them who will cover showings and appts if they aren’t available. They may have a great team that can work with them on your property)

  2. Is your home in an area that they are familiar with? I am fairly adamant about this and have always made it a practice to refer business out if I have requests in areas that I really can’t service ( i.e. areas that I am not familiar with the neighborhoods, school systems, shops and highlights) We aren’t doing any favors by taking listings in areas that we aren’t well versed in.

  3. What is their marketing plan? Make sure that your expectations meet theirs. Will they be holding Open Houses or is your property best suited for private appointments?

  4. Express to them what your expectations are for communication and how you prefer to be contacted. The biggest complaint that I hear from clients is the following :” They put the sign up in my yard and then I never heard from them again” How often would you like to hear from your realtor? Once a week, once a month, every day? How would you prefer for them to stay connected with you? I have so many clients now that really prefer a text to anything else but I certainly also have clients that love to get an actual phone call.

  5. Go with your GUT! Is it a good match person to person? You will be working VERY closely with this person and likely have your most valuable asset in their hands. If you can’t wait for them to leave after this interview, IT IS NOT THE RIGHT FIT!

  6. Lastly, ask BEFORE signing the contract what the termination policy is. There should be a mutual option for either the listing agent or the client to opt out of the contract . Is there a penalty fee? If you find that a month into the listing your realtor is not delivering what they had promised ( even if the listing hasn’t sold are they doing everything in their power to sell it?) Make sure to ask these questions now so that you have eyes wide open as to what your options are.

Hoping that you found these tips useful :) There is a video as well that pairs with this post. Just go to “ Tanyas Channel “

I am also always happy to answer any additional questions that you might have after reading this post. You can shoot me an email or text anytime!