Buyers Tip: Looking At Homes

So, you have now hired a realtor and are ready to start looking at homes! ( or land, investment properties, etc)

This I would say is by far the most fun part of the process. I still am never sick of looking at homes. Nice homes , small homes, and even the ones that might be in rough condition to start or the old “ Diamond in the Rough”

I am also a huge fan of taking notes as you look at each property. Believe it or not, they can begin to get jumbled together after you have seen a few in a row. My general rule of thumb is , 5 homes in one day at the most.

So now you have your notebook, what should you write down? Perhaps write down the “ highlights” of the house and also the “ negatives” Can you see yourself living in the home?

It has been said that most buyers know within the first few minutes of walking into a home that it is “ The One” Side note, depending on the market. We are entering a time now when the inventory is on the lower side so this may require buyers to be a little more creative with which homes they will consider. If you see a home that you can check most of your “ Must Have’s” , can you make the home work for you? Can you tweek it and make some changes so that it is a place that you can see yourself in 10 years?

Another VERY important component of looking at homes is to survey the area around the home. What do the abutting properties look like? Will they help support the value of the home or bring it down? Is the home that you are looking at the “ King of the Hill”?

Take time to drive around the neighborhood at various times of the day and see what you think.

Remember also that even if you drive by a “ For Sale By Owner” , you can still give your realtor a call and ask to see it ! Just give them the address and they will set up the showing for you so that you are sure to have an advocate and someone looking out for your best interests!

If there was something else that you can think of that I didn’t touch on in this post, always you can reach me via email, text, or phone . If you know me, you know if I can , I am always happy to help . If I don’t have an answer to your question, I will do what I can to find one :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!