Energy Audit: All Home Owners Should Do This !!!

I feel very strongly about this post as it is a FREE service to all of us in Berkshire County ( check your local area if you are not in our county to see if your town might also offer it)

Any of you that know me know that I am a deal hunter and “FREE” is one of my favorite words!!!!! Just recently my associate and I went the MA Realtor conference where we got loads of wonderful information and new ideas . But to top that off, all of the vendors gave away tons of FREE stuff! I felt like it was Christmas, I must have walked away with about 20 new pens ( another huge favorite of mine)

Ok so I degress. You must see my point that if there is a way that at any time I can also help you get something of HUGE value for no cost…. I am beyond thrilled.

So, if you are a home owner and I believe even an investment property owner, you want to call and ask to schedule an energy audit for your home. This is a local company and they are wonderful . The closer we get to winter, the further out they will book your appointment as this is their busy season. So, if you want to be the early bird and get the worm, CALL IN THE SPRING!!!!

See below for the link that will provide you with the location and contact information for their office:

CET for Berkshire County

They will come to your home, check to see where you might be losing heat throughout your house, check your current heating system, and they may even leave you with some free light bulbs. They will go into your attic if they can access it to also check “ the scene” up there. If you have knob and tube wiring, they may not be able to go up but ask when you call.

Once they do a full evaluation of your home and how it may or may not be losing energy, they will talk to you about some ideas as to how to save in the future. They will also write a full report about their visit and note any incentive programs that may currently be available in your area.

The other great news is that after this visit, you will be eligible for huge rebates should you decide to upgrade your heating system, hot water heater, appliances, etc. See link below to check your zip code and see what incentives there are currently. I believe that the energy audit has to be within a year of filing for the rebate but again , can be on your list of questions when you call.


So, why wouldn’t you take advantage of such an amazing program that is of not only no cost to you, but can save you hundreds of dollars in the future if you make significant changes and upgrades in the heating and electric systems in your home?

Hoping you enjoyed today’s post! Reach out to me anytime should you want to discuss it further.


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