Buyers Tip: Home Inspection .."Should I go? "

I cannot express how important it is not only to have a home inspection prior to buying a home, but also how critical it is to be present for the home inspection as the buyer.

It is also very important to choose the right home inspector. I will create another post to talk about this topic as well.

Some of the things that your home inspector will cover during the home inspection are the following:

  1. Checking the mechanicals such as the heating system and electrical units.

  2. Checking for any safety issues that might be of concern such as handrails, open electrical boxes, etc.

  3. Looking at the structure and foundation of the house. This can be a very costly repair and one that you would certainly want to know about well before the end of your inspection period.

  4. Looking for any evidence of water penetration into the foundation .

  5. Checking for signs of pest infestation. ( ask your home inspector if this is included as their inspection or if there might be an additional cost)

  6. You may also ask about having the radon levels tested. If your inspector provides this service, ask them to go over it with you and explain how the test works .

So, hopefully you can see from the list above that they cover quite a lot. Again, wouldn’t you want to know what you are getting into before committing to buying the home?

There are other very important reasons to be present for your home inspection.

Being physically there as the home inspector goes through the house gives you the chance to ask the home inspector questions about the ins and outs what they find. Does the house perhaps have a heating system that you have never seen before? Is there some new high tech thermostat that is all new to you?

Please keep in mind that every state works differently. If you are in another region your home inspection process may work differently. If you are out of the Berkshire area, be sure to ask your realtor for the ins and outs of what to expect during a home inspection.

You may be surprised to know that I actually still love watching all of the HG TV shows. The other night I saw an episode where the buyer showed up to meet the realtor and asked “ How did our home inspection go on the house we are buying? What did the home inspector say???” This clearly showed that in that area, neither the buyer’s agent nor the buyer was present for the home inspection. Whaaaatttt???? All that I can say is that I like how we do things here :) Not that I am biased of course.

Hoping this post brought you some new info and tips on the home buying process.

Have a wonderful day !