Sneaking In Time For Your Health

My New Idea for Finding Workout Time 

After years of saying to myself   "  This year I am really going to hit the weights! " I may have finally figured out a way to make it happen. 

It is so important as we age to stay strong. Especially for women. 

Added bonus..... it's great for your mood and confidence! My goal this year is to be able to do ONE pull up. 

I will make sure to post it if...sorry ...WHEN ..that happens! 




One Minute Rule

Today I was listening to what is now one of my favorite podcasts, " Happier ", featuring Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft. I loved their idea about taking one minute, to do something to make your world that surrounds you a more peaceful place. 

For me, it might be making my bed, or emptying the trashcan before it is actually overflowing. These are the things that when they get out of control, really nag at me. Truthfully, it might even be something as ridiculous as bringing my coffee mug in from the car. 

Tried the one minute rule today on  few different things... loved it!